My name is Julia, I'm 15 years old and I live with my family in Germany. In my spare-time I meet my friends, go to the sportstudio, take photos or simply chill out. Things i like: summer, little boutiques, cozy cafés, flee-markets, big cities, fashion(blogs), photography, vogue, shoppingdays, strawberries, glitter, parfumery, music, good books, people with style, nailpolish; Things i don't like: sundays, winter, UGGS
About 2 years ago i found Lookbook and some fashionblogs. They really inspired me. I bought fashionmagazines, new clothes and I started to create my own style. I always wanted to have Lookbook and my own blog. I wanted to show my style and get people inspired about fashion. I think you show your personality with your own style. Of course, clothes aren't everything. But they impress yourself. I hope you like reading my blog. Kisses, Julie

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